Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Just a brief thought

As I near the summit of the Boston Marathon training process, the taper is in sight, but the path to the downhill is not without its obstacles. This is the final grueling, 90 plus mile week.

I had planned a four mile shake-out this morning; something I do a couple of times a week just to wake myself up. I don't wear a Garmin or concern myself with the pace. The alarm went off at 4am and while I rarely pop out of bed with a spring in my step, this morning's wake up was particularly tough. I shuffled into the kitchen and ate a handful of mango gummy snacks from Trader Joes. I checked the weather. 34 degrees. Blah. As I was pulling the appropriate attire from my drawer of running garb, my body was showing no signs of being ready to exert itself. It's normally not until about a mile into the run that I am fully awake, but usually the process of adjusting to the living world has started by this point. I stood in the living room for a few seconds contemplating the pros and cons of skipping then run, then put my PJs back on and got back into bed.

Training for a marathon involves walking a fine line between pushing yourself to the limit and pushing yourself too far. It takes a lot of miles and a lot of practice to learn the difference between quitting and abstaining. My experience has led me to believe that the extra hour of sleep I got this morning will mean more than four slow miles when I get to the starting line in Hopkinton in 20 days. But I, like most of us, am still figuring out this marathon thing.


  1. that's the first time ever that you've crawled back into bed after getting up--and i liked it. glad you're listening to your body!

  2. yum mango tangos. i did the same thing on monday morning. i slept an extra 1.5 hours, and got some extra cuddle time in with garrett. totally worth it. and won't affect a thing. good job.